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February 04 2012

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January 30 2012

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Taken with instagram

January 29 2012

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Taken with instagram

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ummm tv in the mirror? (Taken with instagram)

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Taken with instagram

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Taken with instagram

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Atlantic city kitties (Taken with instagram)

December 17 2011

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October 19 2011

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October 18 2011

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October 04 2011

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battleship: drinking edition.

HOLY SHIT. why didnt i think this up

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September 29 2011

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September 27 2011

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carpios: lc-conrad:

LC: Remember in high school when you used to drop me off and we were always rushing because of my curfew? Do you remember you would always get me home exactly on my curfew?
Stephen: I was good about that.
LC: I would be like, ‘Oh I have to be home in seven minutes’ and you’d be like ‘No worries’ and you’d be like gone!
Stephen: I never drove too crazy though. I had precious cargo.

They totally had sex.

lc and stephen i shipped that shit so hard


September 13 2011

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“seriously but where the hell do you think you’re going” (Taken with instagram)

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say cheese (Taken with instagram)

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